Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scraps Scraps Crap and Crap

~Jan Michell Catalan~

Walls of ancient anxiety incarcerate my being.
You can break them and free me,
but you can also fortify them...

The choice is yours,
My destiny... at your hands,

Bring me happiness, bring me grief
Bring me love, bring me misery

The choice is yours,
The consequence, mine

Don't fret,
You won't be blamed,
It won't be your fault,
I'm the only one liable for what i feel...

I have nothing to lose, but everything to gain...
your heart, my world
your arms, my sanctuary
your kiss, my sustenance
your eyes, my light
you are my life

I dared to reach you and so
This is my fate...
I am ensnared...
I am blinded...
I chose this and i will accept the consequence...
I chose to love you...


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