Sunday, October 18, 2009

Love Poems for Different People

~Lost Batos Locos~

For those who have no bf/gf:

You do not know how much time's left
'til time for you is past
so live and love as if this day
may be for you the last

For those who can't tell their feelings:

i love you, that is true
in this matter, i am no pro
all i want is for you to know
but i dont want you to answer NO

For those who are still not answered YET:

what you have begun
never leave til its done
be the labor great or small
do it well or not at all

For those with UGLY bf/gf:

o Lord, give me the grace to be
contented with who you gave to me
no! more than that, let me rejoice
in who you sent me - its your choice

For those utterly crazy over their bf/gf:

today the world looks new
but its me that really changed
for last night i found you
and my life was rearranged

For those loving individuals:

look upon others need
love demands the loving deed
tell that one your love is true
prove it by the deeds you do

For those with multiple lovers:

OH NO! you caught us by surprise
you could see it in your eyes
now i have to make a decision
of who among you gives better satisfaction

For broken hearts:

i want to be a rock, i wished
my hope to continue living ceased
i swore to myself to love no more
for i decided to try some more.


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