Sunday, October 25, 2009

Entry Number 12

ENTRY number 12
~Luina Ashcroft~

Dearest Prince, who always let me down
Who favored wearing masks in pursuit of a crown
Who favored the rain, the darkness and the moon upside down
Always granting me the strength not to smile but to frown

Dearest Prince who I loved from the start
Who always had guided me into following my heart
And when we find love again and again
And fail passage; it is here you drop the act and begin

Dearest Prince who loved from afar
Who bickered and whine; keeping grudge in a jar
A reminder of something for me every time we went too far
You pour it into our memories; and kept the lid ajar

Dearest Prince, for six years we had bled
We had toiled and do battle with the beast we bred
And when we were defeated were you still behind our banner
Or are you away again, to hide behind your tower

Dearest Prince I had enough; for six years we kept a lot
I will leave you if you still insist on giving up
For nineteen years we exist in this world to live
To love and not to hate; compromise and give

But love is but a silly word, the River Prince said
To much we’ve wasted; time lost and hearts bled
Still we did not have the heart thought ours to had
We loved her for nearly a decade, now isn’t that sad?

We wrought the words from the heavens we adored
We paint the tributary of a love we thought to unfold
We shared our whole hearts and minds for that matter
All for an endless pursuit of someone who had loved another

But the past is past, O River Prince
It is but six seasons in a century of dreams
There are other fragments of memories to pursue
Why stick for a past that will never come true?

O River Prince, which many had, fell in your name
Whose glory remembered only in song and your fame
Now you are but just a remnant of our fear
See now the destruction you wrought for our ship to steer

Now I will leave this solemn tower to your pleasure
And see if your hatred will break asunder
Or nourish it for our enemies to grow stronger
And leave this country we love into a state of plunder

And when I return, I hope not this place will fall not into disrepair
From all your madness, your rancor and despair
There is still much more than just a profound sense of loss
Have you no heart to yourself m’lord? Have you no heart for our song

The song which the bards sang when we are at height of power
Before your eyes fell and your heart soon after
Long before the blue dragon banner
Before the great dragon war, before all else ceased to matter

The cryptic place, the elusive grace
Of the silent halls which you once played
The vivid memories of which the likes by now we’d grew out of
The foundations of this city which you were never proud of

The majestic halls filled with grandeur
Wrought of magic spells we had forgotten to conjure
Those of what we had never sought to attain
The simplicity of wanting simple things in life to gain

And so the observer leaves you in this lonely tower
To keep away from your ambitions of power
Away from this illusion; from your shell to break cover
And carry on our life outside as a lover

Lover to someone which I swore not to fail
And promised her our long sought Holy Grail
I will learn from all our past mistakes o Prince
Do not be a hindrance, or I will force to make a mistake

I will sever the ties you have from hands which you abhor
Which so I need in hopes of holding her hand I adore
And learn to continue writing pure and true
With or without you; red, gray, yellow or blue-


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