Tuesday, September 29, 2009



you were just someone whom i know
in this so called internet chat window
yet you were more than a friend in the bistro
you molded my life with a new sense aglow

for days we closely chatted and talked
deciphering each personality like a hawk
conversations then become wettingly shocked
and few jargons had been bettingly mocked

much more with that you were a real gentleman
whom i can depend on with life's demand and plan
your presence alone makes my day like tan
and im filled with smiles that i surely can



sick in the head
sick in the heart
sick with the sickness of
six sick parts

sick in the money
sick in the chest
sick with the sickness of
no damn rest

sick in the smile
sick to the touch
sick with the sickness of
wanting too much.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Here


even if life turns out bad for you

im still here to cling with you
even if your health would prove the worst
let my hands be your guiding force

i may be away from your life today
but soon ill be with you come what may
i hope your life would still last in time
when i get there in your peakest prime

for today just have faith and hope
im sure luck will not elope
so hang in there and just be strong
and soon happiness is where you will belong

Entry Number 3

ENTRY number 3
~Luina Ashcroft~

The darkness of the room has yet to falter
The lights outside makes me cry
To early to say goodnight I wonder,
As I whisper and hold on to her shadow each night

This is but a dream…
And silence had crept up on me
It mocks the weak boy that is I
Will I continue to dream than to see?
Clearly, my lack of confidence stops me to try…

This is not who I want to be…
I try to erase these thoughts with a song
I sing along the radio, tracing lines, chasing yesterday
And waking up tomorrow, hoping for the day I long
I was so much better before than today

Solitude is such a pain to bear…
I remembered the girl with those green eyes
And picture her softly, my mistress, my desire
Before I sleep, I hold on to my illusions
And raise my head to picture tomorrow…

Will it be another day like this?
Am I lost, or just careless?
Am I gone for good?
Oh no…

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Entry Number 2

ENTRY number 2
~Luina Ashcroft~

You are wonderful
You are grand
Are you real, or just God’s sleight of hand?

If there’s a question
And a miracle
It’s the way that I fell in your trap

If there something you need I’ll be here waiting
Until the sky meets to start the day again

I’ll be useful
I’ll be truthful
Gloomy days; meaningless when you’re around

I’ll be here for you
Through and through
Time is testing every inch of my feelings for you

If there’s something I missed please forgive me
I am lost in words; there’s nothing left to fear

Please don’t tempt me
Don’t be leery
Love is strong and it hurts but its getting better

Time is wasted
Time is gold
Spend it with you over seasons and each passing storm

I’ll be useful
I’ll be truthful
You are wonderful
And so beautiful

Entry Number 1

ENTRY number 1
~Luina Ashcroft~

Lonely, we sleep through each night in pain
Dreaming of the love we sought to attain
And when we wake up can we still feel this way
Or will we just be heartbreaks of yesterday?

We sought each other amongst the crowd
We made ourselves strong and proud
We sang our songs to fight the pain away
Please tomorrow be there; let’s stay this way

Let’s forget our bitter mistakes in the past
And make up; time is running away fast
We can never be young, so are our feelings, love
But if we work things together we will make it forever…

And if we cry, let’s hold each other tight
Over the airwaves let’s meet: if we can’t do it right
Just a tone of your voice is enough; I hope it’s likewise
Let’s assure ourselves of tomorrow and not be our demise

Let’s bid together good morning and good night
Sweet dreams and takes care, always and it will be alright
It’s the little things we do that make life worthwhile
I hope we remember these moments to cherish for our lifetime

Friday, September 25, 2009

Withered Grass and a Flower


it's just the same as winter
when everything else is cold
deep inside the hearts of people
so many stories left untold
one will never understand
why you hold back what you feel
when all that's ever wanted
is someone simple and real

from the very start
i have always been honest
telling you about my love
that's for you to test
yet taking it for granted
is what you always do
never failing to let me know
i better find someone new

keeping in mind what you said
i decided to move on
getting over every pain
learning a new lesson
that in loving a person
we ought to be careful
we might lose ourselves
ending up being a fool



So much to be,

so much to see,
but what is there for me?

everything is near,
everything i fear,
what is there to hear?

All the things are ending,
all the fears are passing,
why am i standing?

panting through lines,
cramming through the deadlines,
but what is mine?

rushing with everything,
trying through something,
and ends up with nothing.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Fly For My Love

~Someone from the Past~

I wanna fly to your city and take you
To a place where life belongs to only us two
where doubts erased, longing will end too
By expressing my only true love for you

I wanna fly with you in a forest so green
Where rivers are free, with waters unseen
colorful fields, and landscapes serene
Two hearts, one love in a world so pristene

I wanna fly with you in the outer space
There i will hold you tight with my embrace
and then i will kiss your beautiful face
Stars and love will rule all over the place

I wanna fly with you, to feel each other somehow
To prove what my words, to remove your doubt
And hold your hand and say right now
I will love you endlessly, that is my vow

I wanna fly with a girl whom i called 'love'
A girl that is shining like a stars above
A girl of my dreams, that makes my heart throb
Well thats my wish, just 'A fly for my love'

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Single Blessedness


i may have no one to call mine
yet im fortunate to have all my time
i may have no one to hug each day
yet im so happy and so gay

there might be no one to walk side by me
but i have tons of strangers surrounding me
there might be no hand to held me while on a movie
but i do have my warm coat to pamper me

i may have no one whom i can kiss
yet im preserving such tender touch on my lips
i may have no one whom i can hold
yet im with my friends whom i consider as gold

there might be times when i found myself alone
but i love the privacy that cant be cloned
there might be no shoulder whom i can cry
but i have my hands and hanky to wipe it dry

A Wish


in the course of my life everyday

i envy the woman whom you are with today
you might not see her everyday
but the ring's existence in your finger says

how i wish i could be her
and be with your side forever
we will then cherish moments together
and exchange warm kisses even longer

but reality surely bites
when you learn to love so light
yet it goes nowhere in sight
and slowly fades in the dark night

how can love be so rude
to think that love should be good
yet pain fills my daily mood
covered with smiles if only I could

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An Episode of Melancholy


with the absence of the stars in the sky
could not stop myself from asking why
there exist such beautiful things
unhappy memories, what it always brings
done lots of repairs, played a board game
a simple wish, you would feel the same
the few delays and intentional misses
a broken heart and unsolved puzzle pieces
so many questions you opt not to answer
even if it hurts, i'd still wait forever
uncertain how things will come to its end
i'm just afraid i might lose a friend

My Friend


My friend
How I miss the sound of your sweet tender voice
Oh, how I seek to find that part of me, but what is my choice?
Oh, how I miss the times we laugh, until the time we begin to cough
My friend I longed to unite our bond, to the time we see a pond
Such is the warmth of your smile to an extent I end up in a pile.
The greatest pain that I ever have, is losing the one I love.

Canticle of the Dragon

~Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman~
Excerpt from Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Hear the sage as his song descends like heaven's rain or tears,
and washes the years, the dust of the
many stories
from the High Tale of the Dragonlance.
For in ages deep, past memory and word,
in the first blush of the world
when the three moons rose from the
lap of the forest,
dragons, terrible and great,
made war on this world of Krynn.

Yet out of the darkness of dragons,
out of our cries for light
in the blank face of the black moon soaring,
a banked light flared in Solamnia,
a knight of truth and of power,
who called down the gods themselves
and forged the mighty Dragonlance,
piercing the soul
of dragonkind, driving the shade of
their wings
from the brightening shores of Krynn.

Thus Huma, Knight of Solamnia,
Lightbringer, First Lancer,
followed his light to the foot of the
Khalkist Mountains,
to the stone feet of the gods,
to the crouched silence of their temple.
He called down the Lancemakers, he took on
their unspeakable power to crush the
unspeakable evil,
to thrust the coiling darkness
back down the tunnel of the
dragon's throat.

Paladine, the Great God of Good,
shone at the side of Huma,
strengthening the lance of his strong right arm,
and Huma, ablaze in a thousand moons,
banished the Queen of Darkness,
banished the swarm of her shrieking hosts
back to the senseless kingdom of
death, where their curses
swooped upon nothing and nothing
deep below the brightening land.

Thus ended in thunder the Age of Dreams
and began the Age of Might,
When Istar, kingdom of light and
truth, arose in the east,
where minarets of white and gold
spired to the sun and to the sun's glory,
announcing the passing of evil,
and Istar, who mothered and cradled
the long summers of good,
shone like a meteor
in the white skies of the just.

Yet in the fullness of sunlight
the Kingpriest of Istar saw shadows:
At night he saw the trees as things
with daggers, the streams
blackened and thickened under the
silent moon.
He searched books for the paths of Huma,
for scrolls, signs, and spells
so that he, too, might summon the
gods, might find
their aid in his holy aims,
might purge the world of sin.

Then came the time of dark and death
as the gods turned from the world.
A mountain of fire crashed like a
comet through Istar,
the city split like a skull in the flames,
mountains burst from once-fertile valleys,
seas poured into the graves of mountains,
the deserts sighed on abandoned
floors of the seas,
the highways of Krynn erupted
and became the paths of the dead.

Thus began the Age of Despair.
The roads were tangled.
The winds and the sandstorms dwelt
in the husks of cities,
The plains and mountains became our home.
As the old gods lost their power,
we called to the blank sky
into the cold, dividing gray to the ears
of new gods.
The sky is calm, silent, unmoving.
We have yet to hear their answer.

Monday, September 21, 2009

If Only


in the course of my life evryday

i envy the woman whom you are with today
you might not see her everyday
but the ring's existence in your finger says

how i wish i could be her
and be with your side forever
we will then cherish moments together
and exchange warm kisses even longer

but reality surely bites
when you learn to love so light
yet it goes nowhere in sight
and slowly fades in the dark night

how can love be so rude
to think that love should be good
yet pain fills my daily mood
covered with smiles if only I could



Kay simple lang ng buhay para lang isang laruan,
Pagmatapos laruin pwede ng itapon o disposable kung minsan
Kulang man lang na may tatak na "made in china"sa katawan.
O kay walang kenta ng buhay, pag nagbigay man ng tulong pinapaalis man.
Kung tumutulong man o parang walang magawa kundi maging laruan.
Ito ang buhay o kay simple man lang.
Mabuhay o mamatay tayo rin pala ang laruan.



Ang kinabuhi sa kolehiyo lisud kaau
dili mapugngan nga mumata ug sayo
para dili malate ug masuko ang maestro
labing paita kung 7:30 math pa jud na nimo.

sa klase depende kung ganahan sa magtudlo
pero unsaon man ang magtudlo kung wala jud ka kabalo
busa wala kay mabuhat kundili mag ampo
nga kaluy-an ka sa Ginoo ug sa mga tapad nimo.

kung ting-exam magtuon jud pag-au
arun dili mabagsak ug mubalik sa kurso
kung wala jud paagi manguhit sa luyo
ug hinaut tagaan ka ug tubag na sakto.

sa mga kalisud, ang kalipay dili matanto
labin na makakita ka ug hubag kaau
apan pakyas japun kay galunop ang gwapo
lisud gihapon kay dili sya maangkon nimo.

sa ing aning sitwasyon daghan man pud musalo
kay gapalibut sa eskwelahan klase-klaseng resto
pwede ka muinom ug musalom na lang didto
uban sa imong mga barkadang palahubog man diay kaau

apan walay mabuhat kay importante ang kolehiyo
para makakwarta ug makakita ug trabaho
busa karon, mag-antos sa ta nu!
kay ang kolehiyo ang dalan sa paglambo.

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i may know little how to comfort you
and i may not know how to approach you
yet i still want to be here for you
regardless if you need not me to

my words may seem distant and cold
because of the distance that unfolds
i called you hoping to have told
that im always here for you to uphold

you may be at your worst today
coz of your problems leading to dismay
i hope in time you will find your way
and smile and laugh with me someday



farewell, my once brave man
who held me whenever he can
your sweet and tender lips
the thing that i would surely miss

we may cut it short
with things left unsort
but soon time will come
we may understand this freedom

this poem was made solely for you
to express my gratitude and thank you's
the days and month that we shared
are special memories i truly cared

Frog, Cat, Dog


the cat loves the frog so much
he wants to feel the frog with his touch
but the frog doesn't show her true feelings
inside she is bleeding with all the bearings
so the cat keeps on visiting the pond for answers
hoping the frog would utter things that matters
they are divided by a small body of water
that separates their worlds like a border
the frog sits on a lily bleeding
while the cat sits at the edge waiting
this scene made the dog worry
so she did things in an immediate hurry
she knows the cat can't swim in the pond
to have the frog and the cat bond
so she rapidly swam in the water
to fetch the frog was she is after
while the frog is in her back
she told how the cat loves her like lilac
hoping the frog would take care of the cat
like how the dog loves him from where she's at