Friday, October 9, 2009

Entry Number 7

ENTRY number 7
~Luina Ashcroft~

It’s hard to stand up when you fall

The mantle of love is heavy for one side to carry it all
So I ask if you love me, it hurts as time goes on
I guess this wait is much painful than what I did before

I was never brave, I was never present
Until you came along; life was pleasant
But now it’s a mixture of love in a shade of red
Please don’t be too kind; push me away

It hurts to know you more-

To hear your voice on the phone
Over the airwaves, through the net; I miss its tone
I am yet to win another privilege call
To sing you my own songs, to prove that you are not alone

To learn of your smile, so charming in my eyes
I want to make you happy; to see it every time
But this distance between ourselves burns me as we go
I want to touch your hand, and know that I’ll never be alone

It hurts just to say I love you-

I know this feeling will not last forever
But I know this love of mine will find a way
To get through each day with a smile on my face
With simple things we do that makes life a little less sad

And though each night ends with uncertainty
Should we part our ways, or let this feeling be?
I just want to be honest; like you have always been
Tomorrow will be another day to embrace life and be me

With this love in my heart, you have set me free-


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