Friday, October 9, 2009

Entry Number 8

ENTRY number 8
~Luina Ashcroft~

These beasts long locked up close to mine

Has now escaped the confines of my mind
Where I fed them of what I thought I’d forget to know

And when the night breaks to ail me with confusion
And these beasts rage on as I succumb to temptation
There is only my hatred to outlive their destruction

Come forth knights, show your valor; show the might of steel
Protect what’s left of the river prince realm to steal
Slay thy enemies and teach them what its like to feel

And when all hope is lost, do not dismay
Put a smile on your face and join the fray
There are naught but many troubles left to slay

It is going to be a long day-

Heroes come, heroes go, and Letner’s sword comes forth!
Flashing bravado, flashing memories, of better days to follow!
Heroes come, heroes go; in his wake comes autumn after snow

And when we rout thy enemy, its pyrrhic victory indeed
For the many knights are lost amongst the corpses of men and steed
To return with these bitter tidings costs the realm to bleed

But this is but a battle, the war is yet to be won
Against enemies and rivals long had passed or gone
Such is the tragedy befitting to every father’s son for the throne

So ends another story; a fragment of a dream
Another verse drank from the memory stream
Though loath to give advice, the lady of the waves oblige in my demise

With her I can see what mirrors do not reveal-

Now I know the troubles that lay ahead
And now is the moment where I need your helping hand
If you see only but the short term in me; please tell me

Prove me wrong, or let’s part ways and end this song

Another blockbuster hit for this summer season
Another poem made; tailored for any occasion
To this I aim for wisdom, and not just your affection

Please stay with me, as I make my way towards my path of redemption


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