Thursday, October 1, 2009

Entry Number 5

ENTRY number 5
~Luina Ashcroft~

I don’t have riches; neither the looks of your ideal boy
I just have a knack with words, and the love I have for you
Oh please say it’s enough for you; please say you do
Can’t take my eyes of you, falling in love with you

And these simple words I’ve said mean nothing to anyone
But I say to them, its change of hearts
I was never fond of pop songs until I met you
The world became as grand like we often dream about

And while I sleep, it’s the continuity of last night’s escapade
While you seek good movies, and demand foods you often sought and crave
And when we Google those “happy meals” we’d wish it were real
Like how you are to me; how you make me feel

But alas, it’s not enough for me -

And when you scare yourself every three am before the morning light
I’d wish I’d hold you to tell you that everything is fine
These cheesy lines mean nothing like I said to almost anyone
But like I said, I’m not a fan of pop songs; just a fool who loves you very much.


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