Monday, September 21, 2009

Frog, Cat, Dog


the cat loves the frog so much
he wants to feel the frog with his touch
but the frog doesn't show her true feelings
inside she is bleeding with all the bearings
so the cat keeps on visiting the pond for answers
hoping the frog would utter things that matters
they are divided by a small body of water
that separates their worlds like a border
the frog sits on a lily bleeding
while the cat sits at the edge waiting
this scene made the dog worry
so she did things in an immediate hurry
she knows the cat can't swim in the pond
to have the frog and the cat bond
so she rapidly swam in the water
to fetch the frog was she is after
while the frog is in her back
she told how the cat loves her like lilac
hoping the frog would take care of the cat
like how the dog loves him from where she's at


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