Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Fly For My Love

~Someone from the Past~

I wanna fly to your city and take you
To a place where life belongs to only us two
where doubts erased, longing will end too
By expressing my only true love for you

I wanna fly with you in a forest so green
Where rivers are free, with waters unseen
colorful fields, and landscapes serene
Two hearts, one love in a world so pristene

I wanna fly with you in the outer space
There i will hold you tight with my embrace
and then i will kiss your beautiful face
Stars and love will rule all over the place

I wanna fly with you, to feel each other somehow
To prove what my words, to remove your doubt
And hold your hand and say right now
I will love you endlessly, that is my vow

I wanna fly with a girl whom i called 'love'
A girl that is shining like a stars above
A girl of my dreams, that makes my heart throb
Well thats my wish, just 'A fly for my love'


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