Sunday, September 27, 2009

Entry Number 2

ENTRY number 2
~Luina Ashcroft~

You are wonderful
You are grand
Are you real, or just God’s sleight of hand?

If there’s a question
And a miracle
It’s the way that I fell in your trap

If there something you need I’ll be here waiting
Until the sky meets to start the day again

I’ll be useful
I’ll be truthful
Gloomy days; meaningless when you’re around

I’ll be here for you
Through and through
Time is testing every inch of my feelings for you

If there’s something I missed please forgive me
I am lost in words; there’s nothing left to fear

Please don’t tempt me
Don’t be leery
Love is strong and it hurts but its getting better

Time is wasted
Time is gold
Spend it with you over seasons and each passing storm

I’ll be useful
I’ll be truthful
You are wonderful
And so beautiful


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