Monday, September 28, 2009

Entry Number 3

ENTRY number 3
~Luina Ashcroft~

The darkness of the room has yet to falter
The lights outside makes me cry
To early to say goodnight I wonder,
As I whisper and hold on to her shadow each night

This is but a dream…
And silence had crept up on me
It mocks the weak boy that is I
Will I continue to dream than to see?
Clearly, my lack of confidence stops me to try…

This is not who I want to be…
I try to erase these thoughts with a song
I sing along the radio, tracing lines, chasing yesterday
And waking up tomorrow, hoping for the day I long
I was so much better before than today

Solitude is such a pain to bear…
I remembered the girl with those green eyes
And picture her softly, my mistress, my desire
Before I sleep, I hold on to my illusions
And raise my head to picture tomorrow…

Will it be another day like this?
Am I lost, or just careless?
Am I gone for good?
Oh no…

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