Sunday, September 27, 2009

Entry Number 1

ENTRY number 1
~Luina Ashcroft~

Lonely, we sleep through each night in pain
Dreaming of the love we sought to attain
And when we wake up can we still feel this way
Or will we just be heartbreaks of yesterday?

We sought each other amongst the crowd
We made ourselves strong and proud
We sang our songs to fight the pain away
Please tomorrow be there; let’s stay this way

Let’s forget our bitter mistakes in the past
And make up; time is running away fast
We can never be young, so are our feelings, love
But if we work things together we will make it forever…

And if we cry, let’s hold each other tight
Over the airwaves let’s meet: if we can’t do it right
Just a tone of your voice is enough; I hope it’s likewise
Let’s assure ourselves of tomorrow and not be our demise

Let’s bid together good morning and good night
Sweet dreams and takes care, always and it will be alright
It’s the little things we do that make life worthwhile
I hope we remember these moments to cherish for our lifetime


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