Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Eight Things I Like About You

~AngeL to Someone Special~

1. your kiss
that heaven sent kiss when its touching my lips
makes me warm and still and full of bliss
its like magic with such tender kiss
and a feeling that i will always miss

2. your hug
your tight and wide arms that hold me
filled my atmosphere with a sense of security
as you draw me near and held me closely
such actions conclude that you hold me dearly

3. your smile
those teeth even if they are uneven
left my heart with a sense of unbroken
as you flash those smile moments are not barren
and a whole new light inside me paves to brighten

4. your eyes
along with your smile are your eyes that see
those sparkling pupils that you tend to use in me
hypnotizes my being and spirit so calmly
and i know this is where i am meant to be

5. your sense of humor
even with some random gloomy nights
you never failed to shed your light
your jokes never failed to hit me in sight
and made me giggle and laugh with all my might

6. your hand
your hand that held and in the air glides
especially when we walk side by side
assures me that you forever will be my guide
when our hands and fingers magically intertwined

7. your expressions
your expressions that is filled with emotion
like when you do some beautiful eyes action
your popoyo gesture and miming imitation
left me always surprised with no hesitation

8. your heart
your heart that warms and loves me
is enough to make me so so happy
thanks for the love and the life you shared with me
it made me realize how beautiful life can be

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Entry Number 15

ENTRY number 15
~Luina Ashcroft~

I’ll be here, like we've always been

I’ll never trouble you if we try
Let’s compromise; there’s nothing more to it
Than just loving; you cannot keep my heart from coming back for more

Change of seasons; change of temperament
Still I’ll laugh and make you smile when you come home
From all the workload, the grades we have to uphold
I’ll struggle with you if it can keep me from coming back for more

It’s the trials ahead that makes life complete
With everyday the second counts to none
If it matters to spend less time with you
Still it won’t keep me from finding ways to come back for more

I will wait for you; in the pavements
Under rain, under stars; under the mid-day sun
Come to catch you, come to be with you
Only for a moment; it means a lot to keep me coming back for more

I am lost now; confuse me
This bitter taste of sadness, taste the loneliness
Of each night left unclosed; still will it keep me?
I’ll be smiling; hoping that today, I’ll be coming back for more

I’ll be coming back for more ~
I’ll give you all that I could be ~

I’ll be useful, just like the poem I gave to you
I’ll be singing all my tunes if it makes you feel adored
I’ll be truthful, just like those lines I had conjured
The miles apart will never keep me from coming back for more

There is only you that I can see in front of me
There I am that you’ll decide to keep
Let’s be together; let’s stay forever
All the while, I’ll be me, you’ll be you; lets keep us coming back for more

Entry Number 14

ENTRY number 14
~Luina Ashcroft~

the rage of a thunderstorm; a lonely tempest

the sound it echoes through my half full closet
there behind the door are the toys and their lore
the forgotten trophies of dreams left unforged

there I found what was once a war torn diary
unveiling a realm hidden in a sunlit prairie
an endless stretch of meadows breaks the melody
this apathetic solace in an endless raphsody

a shadowy crevasse; a gash to a scar
a silent rain rages to veil a scarlet star
like wishes lost through time and age apart
the labyrinth of endings looking for a start

swooned to these feelings of loss and dismay
only to wake up hopeful in a world of disarray
to be colorful and often at times dull and gray
a paperback novel written in pages everyday

the vividness of tomorrow; an epic struggle today
yesterday's secrets dug to a grave
the rain, the sun, the wind and the moon
witnesses to life, death and the future coming soon

pain is only but a fragment of memories
one in a billion souls living rich or in poverty
or in between; maybe in a place filled with anarchy
in this life; there can only be entropy

to know you is to figure out what went astray
and the world ceased to turn and sway
there can be no holding back in this feelings
the cruel reality will not hinder us from love

There is only a bright line in a sea of darkness
a poisonous wave filled with bitter sadness
crashing into me; when I sail towards you
the storm rages on; drenched in its black residue

A lighthouse ahead, far away from home
to turn back is to be lost to find you and your tune
be my harbor, and I'll be your ship
lets get away from this madness and take a trip

everywhere, anywhere where its just you and me
inside realms in a virtual world of make belief
or outside; I can take you to places we can hide
a place where we can count on to bleed ourselves dry

to walk where you walk, to give what you want
to see you through me; to see what is real
to hope what is done for; all that I could be
to this moment, there can only be infinity