Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Entry Number 15

ENTRY number 15
~Luina Ashcroft~

I’ll be here, like we've always been

I’ll never trouble you if we try
Let’s compromise; there’s nothing more to it
Than just loving; you cannot keep my heart from coming back for more

Change of seasons; change of temperament
Still I’ll laugh and make you smile when you come home
From all the workload, the grades we have to uphold
I’ll struggle with you if it can keep me from coming back for more

It’s the trials ahead that makes life complete
With everyday the second counts to none
If it matters to spend less time with you
Still it won’t keep me from finding ways to come back for more

I will wait for you; in the pavements
Under rain, under stars; under the mid-day sun
Come to catch you, come to be with you
Only for a moment; it means a lot to keep me coming back for more

I am lost now; confuse me
This bitter taste of sadness, taste the loneliness
Of each night left unclosed; still will it keep me?
I’ll be smiling; hoping that today, I’ll be coming back for more

I’ll be coming back for more ~
I’ll give you all that I could be ~

I’ll be useful, just like the poem I gave to you
I’ll be singing all my tunes if it makes you feel adored
I’ll be truthful, just like those lines I had conjured
The miles apart will never keep me from coming back for more

There is only you that I can see in front of me
There I am that you’ll decide to keep
Let’s be together; let’s stay forever
All the while, I’ll be me, you’ll be you; lets keep us coming back for more


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